Mitt Romeny tries to thwart Gay Surrogacy in Massachusetts

on November 2, 2012

Would-be president Mitt Romney shows his disdain for LGBT Surrogacy as Governor of Massachusetts

“Some gays are actually having children born to them,” (Governor Mitt Romney) declared. “It’s not right on paper. It’s not right in fact.”

In a 2005 video that recently resurfaced, Mitt Romney is seen saying that same-sex parental rights are “wrong”—, although he said earlier in 2012 that gay couples should be allowed to adopt.  In this latest example of Romney’s appeal to the right, he announces that families of gay couples are “just wrong”.

The Boston Globe reported last week that while Romney was governor of Massachusetts, he tried to prevent a state agency from creating new birth-certificate forms that would allow both same-sex parents to be listed as parents of their children. And in the 2005 video, Romney touts this effort and says same-sex parents are “not right on paper and not right in fact.

Romney “rejected” the state agency plan for new forms “and insisted that his top legal staff individually review the circumstances of every birth to same-sex parents,” the Globe reported. “Only after winning approval from Romney’s lawyers could hospital officials and town clerks across the state be permitted to cross out by hand the word ‘father’ on individual birth certificates, and then write in ‘second parent,’ in ink.”

According to the Boston Globe:

Romney’s interventions mostly resulted in delays awarding birth certificates for women married to same-sex partners who gave birth. Gay men seeking parental rights were required to take a different route, by obtaining a court order. By law, birth certificates must be issued within 10 days of birth, and in some instances, those deadlines were not met.

Read the Boston Globs’ report on Mitt Romney’s disdain for children born to same-sex couples via surrogacy


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