Mommy, where did I come from?

on November 2, 2012

So how do you answer the inevitable question: “Mommy, where did I come from?”

For parents of surrogate children, the answer can be challenging.  Instead of ‘You grew in Mommy’s tummy.”  Our answer involves a second woman (another mommy?), eggs, sperm, and a long trip overseas.

The New Zealand Herald reports on the nagging questions confronting the approximately 20 couples that have achieved families through surrogacy.  One couple performed their procedure in Thailand, at a cost of about $60,000 each for two young boys.

The consensus:  Just be honest as early as feasible.  “I’ve done some reading and they say it’s good for them not even to remember when they were first told,” says one parent.

The story of the family will be quite familiar to many.  Beginning with a long and failed adoption process, the couple continued with rounds of IVF with donated eggs.  None resulted in pregnancy.  Then the couple attempted Fresh Embryo Transfer (Gestational Surrogacy) with donated eggs, and the outcome was a happy one.

Read more about this happy story on New Zealand Herald.


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