Australians Choose Surrogacy in India over Domestic Options

on November 5, 2012

Surrogacy AustraliaA record number of Australian couples are pursuing surrogacy in India in 2012, and even taking extreme measures to pay for the service.

According to a survey, there have been 200 recorded surrogacy births in India to Australian couples so far in 2012, compared to 179 in 2011, just 86 in 2010 and 47 in 2009. The increase on popularity is attributed to the ease of the process in India compared to the complex regulation of surrogacy in Australia.

The research also found that the average cost of surrogacy for an Australian couple was $176,000 in the United States, and $77,000 in India.

Note that that figure still far exceeds the $29,000 offered by Sensible Surrogacy, which provides Surrogacy services in India for couples in Europe and the UK.

Half of those surveyed said they had mortgaged or refinanced their home to pay for surrogacy. Another 45 per cent said they had cut their spending.  Some other families took out a bank loan or borrowed money to pay for the surrogacy.

India was the favored destination for commercial surrogacy, followed by Thailand and the United States.  In Australia, commercial surrogacy is banned, and only altruistic surrogacy is legal – meaning that surrogacy can be performed only on a voluntary basis with no compensation to the surrogate mother beyond reimbursement of her expenses.

According to the survey, only 19 couples pursued Altruistic surrogacy in Australia. Of those, only six had successful births, four failures and others were still in progress.

The study concluded that high levels of regulation within Australia and lower barriers in some overseas markets is shifting the practice of surrogacy offshore and it is a big industry.

Read more details of the Australian survey here.


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