NYT Article: Making Babies to Make Ends Meet

on November 5, 2012

The New York Times Review offers a story of an American Surrogate in its opinion pages this week. The article, “Making Babies to Make Ends Meet,” describes the situation of a chronic American surrogate, on her third child for cash, and contemplating her fourth.

This story is the contrasting point-of-view of the Mitt Romney’s grandchild, born of gestational surrogacy to his son Tagg.  The Romneys apparently have a good relationship with their surrogate, who also delivered a previous child to Tagg.

The NYT surrogate received between $30,00 and $50,000 for each of her three pregnancies.  She uses that money to supplement the meager income of her husband, who works at an oil refinery.  The next pregnancy she hopes will provide the down payment for a house.

In the end the surrogate gave birth two weeks early, C-section because the baby was large.  Since then, the surrogate has found part-time work, while she contemplates her next pregnancy — possibly with her husband!

Read the story at the New York Times online.


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