The World’s Most Prolific Surrogate: 13 Babies for 9 Couples

on November 7, 2012

Most Prolific SurrogateUnbelievably, Carole loves being pregnant.

That’s why she’s carried 15 babies, including 13 as a surrogate for childless couples worldwide.

Carole Horlock is the world’s most prolific surrogate mother.  She has volunteered her service for childless couples in Australia since 1995, when she read about surrogacy in a local newspaper.  She never accepts compensation, beyond her out-of-pocket expenses.  Her remarkable story of charity and sacrifice is detailed on the online news site

“I’ve never had any regrets,” she says.  “The parents are all lovely people who have been through so much heartache, and I know I’ve given people who can’t conceive the most precious gift of all.”

But not each of the 13 cases was quote som gratifying.  The story describes one pregnancy which, once the baby was born and ready to be handed to the intended parents, a DNA test revealed that Carole and her husband were the actual genetic parents.  Although heartbreaking, Carole gave the child to the intended parents anyway, certain that they would be a “fabulous mother and father.”

That experience did not dissuade Carole from continuing her work as a surrogate.  Her husband, Paul, had a vasectomy to ensure that the situation did not arise again, and Carole then offered her service to  a Greek couple, who then managed triplets — all their own.

Now Carole is 46, and finally retiring for the practice. Her latest baby (number 13) will be her last.  Risks to her health increase with each pregnancy, and she finally has reached her limit.  But she’s not finished helping childless couples.

“The pregnancies haven’t had a negative impact on my health but I accept that this is my last baby,” she says. “Though I’ll still be a part of helping families find surrogates by going on relevant forums and giving advice.”

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