Chinese Crackdown on Illegal Ovum Donation Mills

on November 8, 2012

The Shenzhen health inspection bureau in China raided two “fertility agencies” in late October.  The two underground clinics were located in Shenzhen province, and provided illegal egg donation and in-vitro services. The news is reported in the China Daily online addition.

One of the make-shift clinics, called Shenzhen Ande Yiyangtang, was in an abandoned nursing home in Longhua district. The officers also found drugs to promote ovulation as well as massive case-history materials.

The nursing home had been divided into several sections and was equipped with modern medical facilities worth more than 10 million yuan. Unlicensed doctors collected eggs, fertilized them and transplanted them into women customers with fertility problems.

The appearance of such make-shift, illegal surrogacy businesses reinforces the value for families of working with established IVF clinics and accredited medical facilities.  Potential clients should carefully research the clinics they choose for surrogacy and IVF services, as well as the medical teams.

In an investigative report by a Chinese journalist and reported on, the illegal agencies earned 100,000 yuan ($16,000) to 150,000 yuan from each deal, while the young women who provided eggs earned 20,000 yuan to 50,000 yuan.  The report quotes the boss of the illegal operation: “We have made big money from the ovum business in the past, but the increasing number of markets influences our profits,” he said.

Shenzhen City police have begun investigating some of the doctors involved in the illegal human egg trading facility. The local health watchdog said it had collected information about the doctors and presented the evidence to local police, according to the Chinese newspapers.


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