Los retos de ser padre en la comunidad LGBT

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Estaba ojeando un artículo en la web cuando me encontré con un artículo muy interesante acerca de los múltiples retos añadidos que tiene que afrontar la comunidad LGBT ante asuntos relacionados con la paternidad. La legislación al respecto sobre paternidad en padres gays y madres lesbianas sigue siendo poco clara en España a pesar de los múltiples avances conseguidos en los últimos años.

Según cita el artículo, casos sucedidos en otros países como EEUU y Gran Bretaña pueden llegar a tener lugar también en España y ante la ambigüedad de las autoridades en este tipo de temas, es mejor encontrarse preparado.

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Surrogacy Father is Granted Maternity Leave by Madrid Superior Court

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The Superior Court of Madrid ordered the state Social Security office to pay maternity leave to a father whose daughter was born through Surrogacy.  The couple Antonio Vila-Coro and Juan F. Castillo had been denied benefits because surrogacy is technically illegal in Spain.

Although the two are legally married, the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) refused to recognize Castillo’s request for maternity leave. “They said we had not given birth or adopted the child,” said Vila-Coro. Juan had taken four months off of work to care for the newly-born child.

According to the couple’s lawyer, Spanish law only allows a man to receive maternity leave if the mother dies, in the case of adoption or if the child arrives through foster care.

This case provides a precedent for other Spanish high courts that are considering similar cases.  But unfortunately it also draws attention to a serious failing of the Spanish legal system.  While the government legalized same-sex marriage years ago, some of the legal protections associated with married couples still are not provided.

You can read more about the court decision at La Vanguardia.

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Cada vez más famosos optan por la India

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¡Felicidades al actor Roberto Enríquez por el nacimiento de sus hijos, Martina y Manuel!  Los dos llegaron por el método del vientre de alquiler en India.

Enríquez es el protagonista de más de una decena de películas  y otras tantas series televisivas. Más conocido por su papel de Viriato en el éxito televisivo de “Hispania, la leyenda”.

Segun el periodico El Mundo, el actor llevaba barajando la posibilidad de ser padre soltero desde hacía tiempo. El año pasado se trasladó a la India para cerrar un contrato de gestación, una práctica que se ha convertido cada vez más habitual en la India.  La subrogación también es legal en Estados Unidos, Rusia y Ucrania — pero ahora la India se ha convertido en la opción más asequible y más exitosa.

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Surrogacy Story: Chapter 6, Considering Altruism

Surrogacy-Pic-2Sarah is a beautiful woman, with long blondish hair, natural slightly athletic complexion, and a slim figure. She is very stylish (which is not uncommon in Spain).

Although I’ve never met her husband, Sarah has been married for 6 years.  She has no children.  All of which is why it was surprising that she offered to deliver a child for us.

She had heard of our interest in having children.  And she offered her services.

Her explanation for the offer was this: neither she nor her husband saw themselves as “parents”.  They did not want children, or the change in lifestyle that would come with a family.  But Sarah had a biological urge to undergo the process of pregnancy.

At the risk of sounding anti-feminist, I suppose many women (but not a lot of men) reach an age when they feel the need to procreate.  After all, a large part of their bodies were specifically designed for this purpose, and those muscles eventually want to be flexed.  Sarah’s machinery had been in place for 30-some years, gathering dust, sitting ready for its big moment that had never come — now she was feeling the need to throw the switch, crank the gears, and see what the machinery could do.

For Sarah, my predicament seemed a perfect opportunity.  She had a chance to exercise her full god-given capabilities, but not be bogged down afterward with 18 years of diapers, skinned knees, and staying home on a Saturday nights.

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“I’m a big believer in karma”: One Surrogate’s Story

Surrogate Kunde

Surrogate Kunde: Excerpt from a photo

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Aussie surrogate Rachel Kunde tells her story first hand in an article published in this weekend’s magazine…

Kunde performs altruistic surrogacy for several couples in Queensland, both gay and straight.  She recounts how she decided to become a surrogate, her personal satisfaction at helping childless couples, and the risks that it presented to her health and the well-being of her family (she has 3 children).

Some excerpts from Rachel’s story…

“[Being a surrogate] wasn’t something I had ever considered, but after speaking to my husband, Simon, we figured I had the eggs and the womb, and we didn’t want any more children, so why not help someone else?”

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Surrogacy Story: Chapter 5, Discovering the Path

Surrrogacy BabyIt’s 7:00 am in Barcelona, and one of my sons, Owen, is awake and teething.  His brother, Noah, is still in a fragile sleep upstairs.  I’m praying that Owen’s cries do not fully awaken his brother, and that I can avoid spending the morning with two screaming babies.

After all, this short hour is normally the only time I have to call my own, and to recount our experiences over the past year….

I remember after we heard our friends’ horror story about their surrogacy process in California, I felt a renewed interest in starting our new family.  Adoption was no longer on the table – I had given up on that option.  But Surrogacy seemed like a mine field of legal and medical problems. So I did what any would-be parent does when faced with uncertainty… I looked it up online.

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Taiwanese VP has Three Children via Surrogacy

Taiwan surrogacy

Taiwan considers legalizing surrogacy

Gestational surrogacy may soon be legalized in Taiwan now that one of the country’s most prominent families — namely that of Vice President Lien Chan — has publicly revealed that three new children were added through surrogate mothers.

According to the China Post, Lien’s daughter, Hui-hsin, employed two surrogate mothers in the United States. Surrogacy is still illegal in Taiwan, although the practice is now coming under review. Other countries allow surrogacy, including the United States, India, Thailand and the Ukraine.

The Taiwan Department of Health is looking to implement as soon as possible a consensus reached in September this year that infertile couples should be given the legal right to have children by surrogacy.

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Norwegian Princess Goes to India for Surrogacy Visit

Norwegian princess in Surrogacy visit

Norway’s Crown Princess Mette-Marit

Norway officially discourages its citizens from performing surrogacy procedures overseas, but that “official” policy didn’t stop a member of the Norwegian palace (and his husband) from having twins in India.  Nor did it dissuade Norway’s Crown Princess Mette-Marit.

Last month, the Princess traveled to India in order to care for infant twins when the palace employee was unable to get a travel visa.  On Monday, the palace confirmed that the princess’s trip, which was made in total secrecy.

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