Norwegian Princess Goes to India for Surrogacy Visit

on December 4, 2012
Norwegian princess in Surrogacy visit

Norway’s Crown Princess Mette-Marit

Norway officially discourages its citizens from performing surrogacy procedures overseas, but that “official” policy didn’t stop a member of the Norwegian palace (and his husband) from having twins in India.  Nor did it dissuade Norway’s Crown Princess Mette-Marit.

Last month, the Princess traveled to India in order to care for infant twins when the palace employee was unable to get a travel visa.  On Monday, the palace confirmed that the princess’s trip, which was made in total secrecy.

According to Reuters, she did not alert Indian authorities that she was entering the country, or the hospital staff.  She spent several days with the babies at the Manav Medicare Centre, where staff assumed the wife of Norway’s Crown Prince Haakon was a nanny.

She stayed in India until a relative of the two fathers could arrive and takeover as babysitter. The fathers soon received their visas in November, when they brought the babies back to Norway, according to the palace.

Norway was the second country in the world to register same sex partnerships, and same sex marriage has been legal since 2009.  But the issue of surrogacy (for both gay and stright couples) is still debated.

The Crown Princess acknowledged the debate and insisted she is not taking a side and only acted as a friend.

“Sometimes life presents you with situations with few good solutions. This was one of those,” she said. “There is an important debate going on about surrogacy and this was not meant as taking a side.”

Read the report from Reuters here:


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