“I’m a big believer in karma”: One Surrogate’s Story

on December 8, 2012
Surrogate Kunde

Surrogate Kunde: Excerpt from a photo

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Aussie surrogate Rachel Kunde tells her story first hand in an article published in this weekend’s magazine…

Kunde performs altruistic surrogacy for several couples in Queensland, both gay and straight.  She recounts how she decided to become a surrogate, her personal satisfaction at helping childless couples, and the risks that it presented to her health and the well-being of her family (she has 3 children).

Some excerpts from Rachel’s story…

“[Being a surrogate] wasn’t something I had ever considered, but after speaking to my husband, Simon, we figured I had the eggs and the womb, and we didn’t want any more children, so why not help someone else?”

“I learnt to pick and choose who I told my situation to; I was sick of explaining myself. There were a lot of questions about how much I was being paid, which upset me because I don’t like the assumption surrogates only do it for the money.”

“Giving birth to the twins was the first time I questioned what I was doing…  The look on Simon’s face when he saw me in hospital made me wonder how I could be so selfish in pursuing my dream to help others that I would put my own family situation at risk.”

“Many people assume that once you have the baby, you never hear from the receiving family again, but they send me texts, emails and photos of the twins all the time. I’m a part of their lives – we’re an extended family.”

“So, what did I get out of it all? The experience and the knowledge I’m helping people become parents. I’m a big believer in karma and I think doing good for someone will bring me good fortune one day.”

Read the full story of Rachel’s experience as a surrogate mother at

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