About Sensible Surrogacy

Hello, I’m Bill…  the personal voice of Sensible Surrogacy.

Bill Houghton

Bill Houghton: Proud Surrogacy Dad

This blog is intended for anyone with an interest in families started via surrogacy or IVF — including clients, potential clients of Sensible Surrogacy (in the UK/US) and Sin Cigueña (in Spain).  I include here news about surrogacy around the world, stories from happy families started via surrogacy, and my own personal stories and insights.

This is not a commercial blog.  But I am proud to be part of an organization that helps couples create loving families.

Sensible Surrogacy is an ethical IVF/surrogacy agency with representation in Europe (Barcelona) and India (Mumbai).

Sensible Surrogacy offers a complete solution for couples seeking surrogacy. Our services include initial consultation, screening of high-quality egg donors and surrogates, all aspects of IVF and pre-natal care, plus assisting with all legal issues including your baby’s passport and travel documents.

(Basically, all the research and planning I went through as a first-time parent of surrogacy, I now provide for parents who want to follow the same path… and it’s a wonderful journey!)

We offer a full surrogacy service for about 20% of the cost of surrogacy in the United States.  That includes everything from donors to legal expertise.  And the newly-built IVF and Pediatric facilities in India are phenomenal.

Sensible Surrogacy has compiled a partner network of medical, legal and logistical professionals in Mumbai, India. Through our network, we have delivered over 500 babies through surrogacy over the past 5 years.

Anyone seeking more information about Sensible Surrogacy, the list of services, or the detailed price list can send me a note at


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