Francia facilita el acceso a la nacionalidad a niños nacidos en el extranjero a través de un vientre de alquiler.

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El gobierno socialdemócrata de Hollande ha dado un paso al frente cuando su ministra de justicia Christine Taubira ha enviado una nota a todos los altos tribunales del estado ordenando que se facilite la nacionalidad francesa a los niños, de padre francés, nacidos en el extranjero a través de subrogación.

Se acabaron los dolores de cabeza para muchas parejas tanto del mismo sexo como de hombre y mujer a la hora de poder traer a sus bebés a su país.

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Maternidad al alcance de todos. Cómo personas mileuristas logran su sueño de ser padres y madres a través de la técnica del vientre de alquiler.

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La Vanguardia. Acceder a la maternidad o a la paternidad está, cada día más, al alcance de todos. Los tiempos que corren son malos: la crisis económica y financiera mengua el acceso al crédito, sin embargo, la voluntad de ser padres y la reducción de costes en el proceso de subrogación consigue muchas veces superar todas las adversidades.

Es el caso de esta pareja catalana de 37 años que decidieron optar por la vía de la subrogación como última apuesta para alcanzar su meta de ser padres.

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Legalización de los vientres de alquiler en España  El debate sobre la legalización o no de las prácticas de subrogación y vientre de alquiler está de nuevo sobre la mesa. A estas alturas del siglo XXI ya no se trata de una cuestión tecnológica, médica o de seguridad de la salud de la madre que ofrece su útero, en estos momentos el debate gira en torno a cuestiones sobre la moralidad y la ética que son mantenidas e incluso diría “retenidas” por nuestros legisladores de forma conservadora desbordando el derecho de toda persona que libremente lo elija a ser padres y madres.

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La avanzada tecnología en subrogación impide la extinción de ciertas especies animales.

vaca fuensanta


Levante-EMV.El último caso de reproducción asistida animal nos lo proporciona la exitosa concepción de Fuensanta, una ternera de la raza murciano-levantina que ha nacido sin complicaciones en una granja murciana tras haber superado con éxito el proceso in vitro y de subrogación siguiendo un proceso análogo al que se lleva a cabo en la fecundación in vitro humana.

El embrión fue posteriormente implantado en una segunda vaca que sirvió como “vientre de alquiler” durante los 9 meses y 15 días que duró el embarazo.

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“I’m a big believer in karma”: One Surrogate’s Story

Surrogate Kunde

Surrogate Kunde: Excerpt from a photo

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Aussie surrogate Rachel Kunde tells her story first hand in an article published in this weekend’s magazine…

Kunde performs altruistic surrogacy for several couples in Queensland, both gay and straight.  She recounts how she decided to become a surrogate, her personal satisfaction at helping childless couples, and the risks that it presented to her health and the well-being of her family (she has 3 children).

Some excerpts from Rachel’s story…

“[Being a surrogate] wasn’t something I had ever considered, but after speaking to my husband, Simon, we figured I had the eggs and the womb, and we didn’t want any more children, so why not help someone else?”

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24-Year Old Stock Clerk Wants to be a Single Dad

Teen Father via SurrogacyIt’s early Saturday morning.  The sun is just coming up in Barcelona.  On the street there are still some sorry stragglers making their way home from the bars.  I can hear an occasional drunken shout, and maybe a breaking beer bottle.

My oldest boy (Noah) is up and fussing, so I am up also.  Noah was also up at 1:00 am and 4:00 am.  At four months he is supposed to be sleeping five or six hours — someone should explain that to him.

Noah woke up his brother (Owen), who is now rolling in and out of sleep.  Owen ate at 4:30 — and so I’m hoping if I keep Noah quiet, Owen will give me another hour of peace.  But the post-natal fates are rarely so generous.

I’m reading about Kyle Casson in the Daily Mail.  Kyle is a 24-year old supermarket worker who wants to be a single father because he believes he may never find love.

That is a story worth writing about…

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The World’s Most Prolific Surrogate: 13 Babies for 9 Couples

Most Prolific SurrogateUnbelievably, Carole loves being pregnant.

That’s why she’s carried 15 babies, including 13 as a surrogate for childless couples worldwide.

Carole Horlock is the world’s most prolific surrogate mother.  She has volunteered her service for childless couples in Australia since 1995, when she read about surrogacy in a local newspaper.  She never accepts compensation, beyond her out-of-pocket expenses.  Her remarkable story of charity and sacrifice is detailed on the online news site

“I’ve never had any regrets,” she says.  “The parents are all lovely people who have been through so much heartache, and I know I’ve given people who can’t conceive the most precious gift of all.”

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Chinese Surrogacy Dreams: Starting a Family in the Land of Traditions

Chinese Surrogacy“Every morning when I am washing myself, my son holds on to my legs while calling me Dad. And I feel that a beautiful day has just begun…” — ‘Qin’ Chinese Father via Surrogacy

The Global Times reports on the story of a Beijing man (called Qin, although that’s not his real name) who realized his dreams of family life in 2011.  The fascinating story describes their path to surrogacy, issues nationalizing their new son, and the social stigmas attached to same-sex parents.

Surrogacy is actually forbidden in China, but it is becoming increasingly popular among gay couples, as well as heterosexual couples frustrated by infertility.

Chinese society is very family-centric, and having a family is a central component of many long-term relationships.   According to Qin, “children are the third leg of a family and vital to maintaining a relationship.”

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NYT Article: Making Babies to Make Ends Meet

The New York Times Review offers a story of an American Surrogate in its opinion pages this week. The article, “Making Babies to Make Ends Meet,” describes the situation of a chronic American surrogate, on her third child for cash, and contemplating her fourth.

This story is the contrasting point-of-view of the Mitt Romney’s grandchild, born of gestational surrogacy to his son Tagg.  The Romneys apparently have a good relationship with their surrogate, who also delivered a previous child to Tagg.

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My Surrogacy Story: Chapter 1, They are Born.

This story has a happy ending.

In fact, it has two happy endings.  Meet Owen and Noah, my two sons.

Owen and Noah were born in Mumbai, India through surrogacy arranged by our agent Gaurav, and a very smart and efficient team of doctors and lawyers.

This is a long story, so I’m going to tell it one step at a time… and punctuate it with lots of photos.  I’m not always a great writer, but I’m pretty good with a camera when tasked.

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