Cada vez más famosos optan por la India

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¡Felicidades al actor Roberto Enríquez por el nacimiento de sus hijos, Martina y Manuel!  Los dos llegaron por el método del vientre de alquiler en India.

Enríquez es el protagonista de más de una decena de películas  y otras tantas series televisivas. Más conocido por su papel de Viriato en el éxito televisivo de “Hispania, la leyenda”.

Segun el periodico El Mundo, el actor llevaba barajando la posibilidad de ser padre soltero desde hacía tiempo. El año pasado se trasladó a la India para cerrar un contrato de gestación, una práctica que se ha convertido cada vez más habitual en la India.  La subrogación también es legal en Estados Unidos, Rusia y Ucrania — pero ahora la India se ha convertido en la opción más asequible y más exitosa.

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Norwegian Princess Goes to India for Surrogacy Visit

Norwegian princess in Surrogacy visit

Norway’s Crown Princess Mette-Marit

Norway officially discourages its citizens from performing surrogacy procedures overseas, but that “official” policy didn’t stop a member of the Norwegian palace (and his husband) from having twins in India.  Nor did it dissuade Norway’s Crown Princess Mette-Marit.

Last month, the Princess traveled to India in order to care for infant twins when the palace employee was unable to get a travel visa.  On Monday, the palace confirmed that the princess’s trip, which was made in total secrecy.

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Indian Fertility Clinics to Come Under Government Scrutiny

In India, a new government panel has been created to rein in unscrupulous fertility clinics  that exploit women for the purposes of surrogacy.  The new panel will create guidelines to bring IVF centers under the Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PC-PNDT) Act.

The 10-member committee will study all issues related to the surrogacy practice in India, and will have some oversight over all Indian fertility clinics that help conduct surrogacy.

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Australians Choose Surrogacy in India over Domestic Options

Surrogacy AustraliaA record number of Australian couples are pursuing surrogacy in India in 2012, and even taking extreme measures to pay for the service.

According to a survey, there have been 200 recorded surrogacy births in India to Australian couples so far in 2012, compared to 179 in 2011, just 86 in 2010 and 47 in 2009. The increase on popularity is attributed to the ease of the process in India compared to the complex regulation of surrogacy in Australia.

The research also found that the average cost of surrogacy for an Australian couple was $176,000 in the United States, and $77,000 in India.

Note that that figure still far exceeds the $29,000 offered by Sensible Surrogacy, which provides Surrogacy services in India for couples in Europe and the UK.

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Surrogate Mother or Arranged Marriage? Surrogacy case reaches Supreme Court in Pakistan

SurrogateIn an interesting example of cultural jurisprudence, a surrogacy agreement in Pakistan is coming into question because of the country’s Islamist traditions and laws…  not because surrogacy is deemed illegal, but because of the cultural acceptance of polygamy and financially arranged marriages.

In the case, US-based Pakistani, Farooq Siddiqui, is suing to recover his 7-year-old daughter from the woman who gave birth to her, Farzana Naheed. The case now has reached Pakistan’s Supreme Court.

In the case, Siddique claims that the woman who gave birth to the child was a surrogate, paid to become pregnant and deliver the child through IVF.  Read the rest of this entry »

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The Hindu tradition of Surrogacy in India


Balarma: Surrogate Child

While many in India debate the speed of the Indian government in providing ethical regulations of surrogacy procedures, those IVF clinics and agencies that practice “Ethical Surrogacy” are taking the lead in establishing voluntary guidelines within the industry.  But that doesn’t quell the discussion.

In the midst of the conversation, it’s worthwhile to note that Indian culture has a long history of surrogacy. Traditional Hindu texts includes a reference to Surrogacy in the story of the birth of Balarama.

In Hinduism, Balarama is the elder brother of the divine being, Krishna. Within traditions of  Hinduism generally, he is known as being a manifestation of Shesha, the serpent god on whom Vishnu rests.

According to the legend, the evil king Kamsa was told of a prophesy that the eighth son of his sister Devaki would rise up and kill him.  To prevent this, Kamsa ordered the death of all the children of his sister. Kamsa thus threw Devaki her husband Vasudeva into prison, and proceeded to kill each of their children as they were born.

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